Metrobolistic studio art

Edspin 13, whose paintings adorn front and back of bookartobject Metrobolist7  has re-painted The Man Who Sold the World in emulsion as possible public art in Brignorth (no, that doesn't read Bridgerton!) Shropshire. 

In MJ's Metrobolist fiction - edspin13: lower case "e"; no space between letter-characters e,d,s,p,i,n and numercal symbols 1,3 - is  an A.E. Housman Shropshire Lad  visual poetry association.

Housmans independent London bookshop garners its trading name from A.E. Housman's younger brother -  writer and artist, Laurence Housman.

A surviving copy of Metrobolist Chapter 2 was traded through Housmans bookshop and gifted to fictional visual associate "edspin13" for permission to use  Edspin 13's work -  successful real life entrepreneur who runs effective word-of-mouth Shropshire cardiovascular spinning classes towards physical fitness - along with holistic art, musical and shamanic exercises towards spiritual healing.   

Life and Death of Glitter Glamm and the Sirens of Titan


Some people are born actors

Others learn how to sing the chorus

The gods after all choose their own

Let them come and adore us

Text extracted from John Dagger's song A god-awful small affair written and sung by John Dagger from The Life And Death Of Glitter Glamm And The Sirens Of Titan.

In early 2014 Michael Weller began c(art)oon based on his own small part in the rise and fall of Ken Tapley (fantasy character made up by Mike in 1958 before ceremonial rubbishing by teenage Mick Weller in 1961). Re-born 1983 as Dedbrickton rock god caricature John Dagger. Re-reborn 2016 (Social Reality Earthtime) in shape of immortal interstellar quite extraordinary ultra-emissary John Beyond.

So began chapbook series Metrobolist:Five Chapters - website and this blog - and finally 2021's published Veer Book; précised online as earlier Metrobolist blog posts - and definitive Contemporary Poetics Research Centre (CPRC) Birkbeck's visually associated bookartobject Metrobolist7. Dedicated to the memory of David Bowie (1947-2016).

It is therefore a pleasure and absolute delight for Michael Weller to be invited by curious record collector and producer Mart Cert (he; they) in their Whistleblower production for Lord Reith's archived BBC wireless programme Ziggy@50.  

Companion programme Ziggy Stardust: Hang on to yourself is introduced by Ezra Furman (she/her/they/them/us) and produced by zınc communicate (no dotted "i") for BBC world service.

Fictionalized in parallel micromultiverse - Earth Corporation media's EarthCo sound entertainments present audio Life and Death of Glitter Glamm and the Sirens of Titan introduced by Mart Sirt and Ethel Mermaid.


Metrobolist7 bookartobject

Blog post at this site May 30 2018  opening Metrobolist 7

Metrobolist7 will explain, in a form of imaginative storytelling [...] how the tale might conceivably end up as parallel alterities—fantasy and actualised document.    

And so it has turned out to be. Veer Books (London) in association with visual associations has published limited bookartobject Metrobolist 7 dedicated to the memory of my old friend and young days collaborator David Bowie.

Metrobolist 7 contains Metrobolist: Five Chapters (homebakedbooks 2014-2015) noted on earlier blog postings at this site with cover images and descriptive chapter précis. This bookartobject is filled with newer text including fantasy Metrobolist6 and more art — completing the big Metrobolist picture. Although actualized, catalogued and released as Metrobolist 6, November 2020 (Social Reality Earthtime) as an official 50th anniversary remix on Parlophone, loss of original artworks: and sadly the loss of David himself in 2016, followed by that big elephant man in the laboratory —  severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 — lessened the chances a re-released The Man Who Sold the World would see light of day.

Between 2015 and early 2020 with possibility a documented Metrobolist  would never happen, the present writer designed an imaginary album. 

A fictional Metrobolist 6. 

Metrobolist6 as actualized document

Mark Adams has provided detailed plans on David Bowie's official website for the release of Metrobolist6 in November as an actualized document.

Mike Weller thanks Tristram Penna, Nigel Reeve and Scott Minshall's highly professional GASwork studios for the realization of  Metrobolist6 as real document in vinyl and digital formations.

Tris has already been fictionalized "Mart Sirt (Cert)"/"Alpha Zee" in wellerverse fantasy and fictionalizations of immortal blackstar "Ken Tapley"/"John Dagger"/"Glitter Glamm"/"Starman Jones"/"John Beyond" appears in five out-ot-print and obscure homebaked Metrobolist chapbooks précised here as Metrobolist7 posts.