Metrobolistic studio art

Edspin 13, whose paintings adorn front and back of bookartobject Metrobolist7  has re-painted The Man Who Sold the World in emulsion as possible public art in Brignorth (no, that doesn't read Bridgerton!) Shropshire. 

In MJ's Metrobolist fiction - edspin13: lower case "e"; no space between letter-characters e,d,s,p,i,n and numercal symbols 1,3 - is  an A.E. Housman Shropshire Lad  visual poetry association.

Housmans independent London bookshop garners its trading name from A.E. Housman's younger brother -  writer and artist, Laurence Housman.

A surviving copy of Metrobolist Chapter 2 was traded through Housmans bookshop and gifted to fictional visual associate "edspin13" for permission to use  Edspin 13's work -  successful real life entrepreneur who runs effective word-of-mouth Shropshire cardiovascular spinning classes towards physical fitness - along with holistic art, musical and shamanic exercises towards spiritual healing.