Metrobolist6 as actualized document

Mark Adams has provided detailed plans on David Bowie's official website for the release of Metrobolist6 in November as an actualized document.

Mike Weller thanks Tristram Penna, Nigel Reeve and Scott Minshall's highly professional GASwork studios for the realization of  Metrobolist6 as real document in vinyl and digital formations.

Tris has already been fictionalized "Mart Sirt (Cert)"/"Alpha Zee" in wellerverse fantasy and fictionalizations of immortal blackstar "Ken Tapley"/"John Dagger"/"Glitter Glamm"/"Starman Jones"/"John Beyond" appears in five out-ot-print and obscure homebaked Metrobolist chapbooks précised here as Metrobolist7 posts.