Metrobolist: Seven Chapters

Metrobolist: Five Chapters is dedicated to the memory of David "Strman Jones" Bowie 1947-2016 (Social Reality Earthtime).

Between October 2014 and February 2015, during a period when online access became limited to the present writer because of technical issues, a Metrobolist montage was made of letters, words, pictures, poetry c{art}oons and storytelling. Front covers of Five Chapters are viewable in the Metrobolist chapbook Index. Back cover images are featured for each chapter described in Metrobolist7.

Metrobolist5 is a celebration of old-school cut 'n' paste 'zine making. Typos and spelling errors are corrected by hand with the mindset of an old-school typographic proof reader. Annotations make visual text art. It most certainly is not online "indie" publishing or a print-on-demand marketing ruse. It's not that sort of self-publishing. And it isn't a fanzine.

Yet in these five chapters of Metrobolist  there are elements, it needs to be stated, of the type of fantasy fiction written or posted by David Bowie fans over the years.

Mick Weller has been asked numerous times to write about designing one particular Bowie record sleeve in 1970. Before David Bowie ever thought he'd be BOWIE one day. But there is no audience for facts so Michael John Weller has designed a slow fiction. A collage entitled Metrobolist. To find out where Metrobolist is at in social media: check Instagram's The Man Who Sold The World and Tumblr's Metrobolistic pages. 

Metrobolist, it needs to be added, is no more trivial, fictional, fantastical, whimsical or insubstantial than a great deal of distorted journalism and speculative Bowie related biographical material written during his lifetime.